Creating luxurious 100% made in Italy lamps is our passion. We are the first to bring 100% Italian made products, ready to ship, to the US. We use only the highest quality products and process. We care and it shows.


Italy, means passion and love for life, for family, for all things beautiful. This is the aesthetic which breathes life into all Unica Lighting products, all our single elements, are proudly, and passionately, designed and crafted in Italy. Combining sumptuous styling with intelligent performance, Unica Lighting products unite form and function in a way that you and your guests will appreciate down to the finest detail.
Our mission is to bring Italian-inspired passion to the lifestyle of every Unica Lighting owner.


Unica Lighting has always been outstanding in its sharp attention to the changing needs and requirements of its clients. Orientated towards continual development and continuous research in order to guarantee the highest quality in production standards, the company can offer lighting solutions which best represent your way of life. The “Unica Lighting Made in Italy” brand recognizes a way of being which is linked both to past values and to the present day, by offering not just a product, but also a living experience for your environment.


Quality for Unica Lighting means accurate manufacturing, materials which maintain their characteristics over time, attention to details, structures, colors which are in perfect harmony.

The quality which Unica Lighting offers is the essence of what makes using their creations satisfying, comfortable and trustworthy over time.